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KidKraft Frozen Dollhouse – Which One is Right For Your Family?

KidKraft Frozen Dollhouse

KidKraft Frozen Dollhouse

A KidKraft Frozen Dollhouse is the ultimate dream in a dollhouse for little Frozen Fans!

KidKraft has two styles of their Frozen Dollhouse, and we’ve been trying to decide which one will be the best suited for our little girl.

We’ve spent a good bit of time comparing the features  of both versions, taking into consideration the size, number of rooms and of course the cost of each, and you can see what we found out below.

*** 10/21 Update – Neither of these KidKraft Frozen Dollhouses were available on our last check of Amazon.com.  You can find several other Frozen Themed Dollhouse Playsets still though.  Look here to see the latest offerings on Amazon.com (#Ad)

KidKraft Disney Frozen Ice Castle Dollhouse

KidKraft Disney Frozen Ice Castle DollhouseKidKraft Disney Frozen Ice Castle Dollhouse

The KidKraft Frozen Ice Castle Dollhouse is the smaller of the two KidKraft Frozen Dollhouse models.

I like the size of it being big, but not enormous – especially if where you plan to have it is not a large room.  It measures 24.1 x 16.5 x 45.4 in the box, but only about 8 inches deep assembled.

The Ice Castle Dollhouse has five rooms to play and decorate with eleven pieces of furniture that are included with the dollhouse set.

It is just the right size to play with your child’s 11-12″ sized Frozen dolls. So that Sparkle Princess Elsa Doll and her sister’s Sparkle Princess Anna doll will be right at home in the Ice Castle Dollhouse.

 Stands Just Under 4 Feet Tall! Chaise Lounge for Royal Resting Piano w/Bench and Table and Chairs Included w/ Ice Castle Dollhouse Funiture Get Prettied Up at the Vanity Table with Stool

Pros & Cons of the KidKraft Ice Castle Dollhouse

After researching customer reviews and all the product information we could find on the Ice Castle version of the Frozen Dollhouse, this is what we’ve come up with:

On the plus side, the Ice Castle Dollhouse is well made of sturdy wood with nice detailing on the design.  It’s a nice big sized dollhouse that will fit 12 inch dolls for playtime fun. It comes with 11 pieces of furniture, so you don’t have to buy it separately.

On the minus side, there wasn’t much to complain about – although I did see a few customer reviews mention either chips or ‘blemishes’ but most said that they were small and not really noticeable or that big a deal.

It seems just about everyone who had already purchased this house was really thrilled with it – from price, to quality and the fun factor.  If you would like to see the assembly instructions, you can check them out at KidKraft.com – they look pretty detailed, and most seemed to get through it in less than an hour.

KidKraft Disney Frozen Snowflake Mansion Dollhouse **No Longer Available**

Kidkraft Frozen Snowflake Mansion dollhouseKidKraft Disney Frozen Snowflake Mansion Dollhouse

The KidKraft Frozen Snowflake Mansion is just that – A Mansion of a dollhouse! It’s really HUGE! When assembled this gigantic dollhouse stands over 4 feet wide and almost 5 feet tall!  If you have a large playroom or if her bedroom is big enough to accommodate such a huge piece – this is THE Dollhouse to have for her.

There is more than enough room for the royal sisters, Anna & Elsa, and their guy pals, Kristoff and Hans. Even Olaf the Snowman & Sven the reindeer would find someplace to fight over that carrot nose!

There are 19 pieces of furniture included to help fill the 9 rooms and 2 bonus areas of play space.  You know there will be tons of creativity and imaginative play going on in the Snowflake Mansion!

I love the look of the dual staircase, although some folks were saying that you have to assemble that carefully as some of the steps were breaking. (They also said that there are extras in the box to make up for that issue).  Assembly is going to take a couple of hours, but I would expect the same from any product of this size.

It is made of wood with plastic features like the staircases, but the overall consensus is that this is a well made dollhouse that they think is well worth the money. I found that reassuring as it is pretty pricey and I would hate to spend that much to find out it was junk.  Luckily it sounds like it is a good deal.  If you would like to see the assembly instructions, you can check them out at KidKraft.com – they look pretty detailed, but a few words with specific steps might be more helpful.

Below are some images of the furniture pieces that are included – I love the Ice Throne for Elsa, and the little light up features of the vanity, the lamp and the Frozen sign on top, which lights up the ‘crystal chandelier’ that hangs high above the rest of the house and appears to change colors from the light.  These features do require Nine of those little LR44 button batteries to operate the lights, but the Snowflake Mansion does come with them – you will only have to replace them when needed.

disney frozen dollhouseAssembled KidKraft Disney Frozen Snowflake Mansion Dollhouse

wooden castle dollhouseSnowflake Mansion Ice ThroneFrozen Dollhouse FurnitureSnowflake Mansion Light Up VanityFrozen Sign that Lights Up ChandelierFrozen Sign that Lights Up ChandelierSnowflake Mansion Bedroom SetSnowflake Mansion Bedroom SetKidKraft Frozen Dollhouse Snowflake Mansion FurnitureLamp that Lights Up at the Touch of a ButtonKidkraft Frozen DollhouseSnowflake Mansion Frozen Dollhouse Olaf Figure

Which KidKraft Frozen Dollhouse Did We Choose?

This was one of those decisions that even after we thought we made it we kept changing our minds.  I really love the larger Snowflake Mansion.  The larger size, the light up features, and the ‘wow’ factor really does it for me.

Then there is the smaller (but not really ‘small’) version of the Ice Castle Dollhouse– Just as great looking, just about half the width, with less furniture but also less than half the price of the larger one.  I really really wanted to get our little girl the Snowflake Mansion!

But it really was too big for her room, and so we opted for the smaller version.  She will be getting it for her birthday, so I don’t have the pictures to share just yet, but once we have it assembled and ready for her, we will update this post with our own  fun KidKraft Frozen Dollhouse pictures.

What Sized Dolls for KidKraft Frozen Dollhouse?

The KidKraft Frozen Dollhouse accomodates 12 inch dolls (like a Barbie size) for play time fun. You can see some of the most popular right here to make sure that your child has the Frozen character dolls that will really make the Frozen Dollhouses come to life in her pretend play time.