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Frozen Play Tents

Frozen Play Tents

Frozen Play Tents

The Disney movie Frozen is very popular with kids today. Well, actually, with everyone, young and old. So kids want the play like they are characters from the movie. Frozen Play tents are the perfect play toy for them.

They are colorful, easy to put up, easy to take down and you can wash them, by hand, not the machine washer.

We have several of these with different characters on them. The boys love them and it is the first thing they pull out every day to play with. They just unfold them and they pop up. Not all of our tents are that easy to put up, but many are.

If you want a Frozen play tent that can be used for outside camping, there are choices for that too. Most of these can be played with outside, you just have to remember to bring them in at night.

Disney Frozen Play Tents

Playhut Frozen Royal Castle

The Playhut Frozen Royal Castle comes with multiple entrances for easy access from one room to another.

This is ideal for children ages 3 and up.

It has that twist and fold technology which makes this Frozen play tent easy to put up and easy to take down. It really does all the work itself.

It’s made with durable, soft material and is lightweight and portable for easy play anywhere. Kids can take it with them to friends or grandparents houses.

More Choices in Disney Frozen Play Tents

The first choice here for a Frozen play tent is an indoor/outdoor tent. This is important if you think you might actually take it camping or if the kids really like playing with their tents outdoors. I let my kids take the others outside, I just let them walk away and forget them overnight. I don’t think they are built for the weather. Overall there are some great choices in Frozen play tents.

Disney Frozen Childrens Play Tent – Indoor / OutdoorDisney Frozen Classic Hideaway TentPlayhut Frozen Discovery HutElsa’s Ice Castle

Playhut Frozen Ice Skate CastleAlpine Adventure Playland with 20 Balls

If your child really likes Frozen play tents, they might love the Frozen bed tents. Check them out! They can also find great Disney Frozen Sleeping Bags for overnights with friends and family.