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Frozen Fever?! Catch It In Theaters March 13!

Frozen Fever!

Just saw this teaser trailer for Frozen Fever that will coincide with the March 13 release of Disney’s Cinderella.  Apparently the only way to see this Frozen Fever extended movie short is by hitting the theaters to see Cinderella.

By checking out the clip below, you’ll see that it’s Anna’s birthday and our favorite Frozen characters are apparently throwing her a party. And so, in order to grab your piece of the birthday cake, you have to go see Cinderella…

Sneaky Disney…. but Genius!  Check out the trailer below…. Squeal!!! Can’t Wait!!

We here at Everything’s Frozen can’t wait to go see it! And while we were a little excited about the theatrical release of the New Disney Cinderella movie, we’re ecstatic over the news of this Frozen Fever movie short that you can only see when you check out Cinderella.

More About Frozen Fever

According to this article we found on The Guardian, the plot focuses on Anna’s birthday preparations that are complicated by Elsa catching a cold, which could mean, well, a bitter and possibly deadly winter for the land yet again. We’re guessing things might get resolved though.

The really awesome part of the article on the Guardian, was also a link to news that there is a full length Frozen sequel already in the works!  According to their interview with the incredible voice behind Elsa, Idina Menzel, that a new sequel, and a live stage show are all in the works. She couldn’t give specifics obviously, but she does say she will return in the role of Elsa our favorite Snow Queen.

As we get more information on any Frozen news, we’ll be sure to pass it along!  Are you getting excited?!  We sure are! Just think… More Elsa! More Anna! More Kristoff, Olaf & Sven!

We’re curious to see where the story goes from here, but a fair guess would be the blooming love of Anna & Kristoff will develop more, and Elsa? Hmm – what do you think is up next for the Queen who can freeze, but rules with love?

We can hardly contain ourselves, and we’re pretty sure that the faces of millions of Frozen fans will be lit up with huge smiles at this fantastic news.