Frozen Arendelle Castle Playset LEGO Set 41068 – Sammie’s First LEGO Set

Frozen Arendelle Castle Playset

Frozen Arendelle Castle Playset

Sammie’s First Frozen LEGO Set

The Frozen Arendelle Castle Playset from LEGO was Sammie’s first experience with LEGO building sets.

She got it for her 7th birthday this past June.

Sammie asked for this set from the moment she saw it on youtube.  I was leery of all those little pieces and nightmare thoughts of stepping on them in bare feet.

We finally gave in though, and as you can see from her reaction in the photo to the left – she was thrilled with her present.

I didn’t help her with building it at all, as I was working my day job.

I was so surprised when I came home that night to find she had completed it.  All by herself! I really expected to find some haphazard monstrosity all over the place. Boy, was I wrong.


Sammie's Frozen Arendelle Castle LEGO Playset

Then I found out why.  These LEGO sets come with Picture Instructions! No reading, no “simply attach piece A to piece ZZ”. She was able to follow along with just the pictures and complete this set with all of it’s 477 pieces in a few hours. It is awesome!

You can tell she was pretty proud of herself too!

What has blown me away the most about this set? She has played with it EVERY DAY since her birthday!  She has hardly ever had a toy that she stayed interested in for more than a couple of months since she was a baby. LEGO Rocks!

Now, she doesn’t just build the same Frozen Castle Arendelle Playset over and over.  Nope. This child has discovered her creative imagination with the tiny pieces. Sammie has used them to create thousands of different scenarios. It’s mind boggling!

About Frozen Arendelle Castle Playset by LEGO

This amazing little LEGO set has created a LEGO fanatic in my daughter.

I already mentioned that there is 477 building pieces in which you create the legendary Arendelle Castle from tiny bricks and blocks. But, I haven’t mentioned the details about the castle playset.

This Arendelle Castle Frozen LEGO set is inspired by the short animate Frozen movie “Frozen Fever” which was released with Disney’s Live Action version of Cinderella.

Elsa and Anna each have their own bedrooms. It also includes Olaf and the “Snowgies” the 3 of the adorable mini snowmen that were introduced in the Frozen Fever short animated film.

Below is  a few close-up photos of this LEGO Arendelle Castle set.

LEGO Frozen Arendelle Castle Playset

Some of my favorite features of the Arendelle Castle Celebration LEGO set are the slide, the Grandfather clock that is the hiding place for Anna’s ice skates, the fireplaces and the ice sculptures. There are lots of decorative and fun details that really bring a lot of the Frozen Fever short movie to life.

The only problem I have with the Frozen LEGO set is that now Sammie is constantly asking for new sets now. Seeing how she is inspired every time she starts building I’m sure there will be lots more. May have to branch out into the LEGO Friends series of building sets as well as the LEGO Elves series.

As for our opinion on the LEGO Arendelle Castle Celebration building set? It’s a Winner!