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Disney Frozen Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Disney Frozen Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Disney Frozen Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Disney Frozen Bedroom Decorating Ideas are popular now because everyone has fallen in love with the movie and all the characters. So it is only normal for your little one to want a Disney Frozen Bedroom.

There are many different ways of doing this.

You can purchase ready-made bedding and decorations, and then build on that, or you can make it all yourself. I think a mix of both would be best for me. Sometimes I tend to bite off more than I can chew when I redecorate. So I don’t want to do it all DIY.

If you tend to do that same thing, then you might like some choices in bedding, wall art, rugs, and coordinating bathroom accessories.

Probably the first place you need to start is to figure out what will be your focus or what colors you want to work around. I usually find a picture that will be my focal point in a room and go with the colors in it.

For instance, let’s say you decide to make one wall a Disney Frozen Wall Mural. I know, this sounds difficult, but it isn’t. And its easy to remove once it’s time to redecorate again.

Disney Frozen Wall Mural
If you have ever put up wallpaper, then you can do this. It comes pre-pasted so you wet it and apply. The instructions say it is ultra-strippable. You do need to make sure the wall is smooth though. If not, you will see every bump in the wall.

You don’t have to use something that large either. Try finding a picture or a bedding set that you would like to base the room on. Then figure out the colors you want to use on the walls and other places in the room.

Once you have your focal item picked out, it’s time to find the right paint color. If it’s a small room, you may not want to go too dark. It will make the room look even smaller. Try painting with a lighter color and decorating with darker items.

Sherwin Williams Frozen Paint Ideas
Sherwin Williams Paint has done the most amazing thing by making this process easier on you. They pre-picked colors that coordinate with Frozen pictures perfectly. Check out the Sherwin Williams paint chips, along with pictures from the Frozen movie to see what appeals to you. There are several of these to choose from. It’s nice that they put the coordinating colors there for us, it makes it easy to know what colors to use.

Twinkle Star 66FT Indoor Fairy String Lights
Once you get your room painted and the mural up, it’s time to start placing the furniture in the room.

One more thing I might suggest before you do that. With a Frozen room, blue twinkle string lights are always nice. The really small lights can be a great addition by adding sparkle all over the room. You have lots of options here too. Hang them around the top of the room or maybe just frame one wall. If you plan on putting a big mirror in her room, try putting the sparkle lights along the outside of the mirror. It creates a great effect.

If you want the sparkle, but don’t want to hang lights, you can also buy some silver or gold dust to add to your paint that will add sparkle all around the room. Just open the paint can, pour in the sparkles, stir and roll. So simple.

Disney Frozen Bedroom Decorating Ideas
After all the painting is done and hanging of lights, now it’s time to set the bed. I am not a fan of putting it in a corner, unless the room is so small that you have no other choice. If you have the room, centering the bed is the best way to show it off. Then you can add things around the bed to really add to the Frozen theme. For some great ideas for DIY curtains and other items for the Frozen bedroom, check out my Pinterest Board.

Disney Frozen Wall Decals
Now is the time to think about Disney Frozen wall decals. If you will be putting some into the room, figure out the placement of them because you don’t want to then put furniture or curtains over them.

There are lots of Frozen themed curtains that you can buy, but I have several DIY Frozen curtains you might want to look at first on my Frozen Pinterest Board.

There are also many different Frozen bedding selections you can make if you choose to buy ready-made bedding and there are curtains to match. You could buy the bedding and make the curtains or the other way around. Just some ideas to keep the costs low and still have some items that you created yourself. Those areas are always better than store-bought.

Disney Frozen Bath Accessories
If your little girl has a bathroom attached to her room, there are plenty of Frozen bathroom shower curtains and accessories to go with the Frozen theme.

These are just some ideas of how to put together a great Disney Frozen Themed Bedroom. Most of all, just have fun. With all of these Disney Frozen Bedroom Decorating Ideas, you will do a great job.