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Disney Frozen Bedroom Curtains

Disney Frozen Bedroom Curtains

Disney Frozen Bedroom Curtains

Disney Frozen Bedroom Curtains can dress up a little girls room without anything else being done.

There have been times that I have started with one item in my girls rooms and then built on that. So you might start redecorating your child’s room with new Disney Frozen Bedroom Curtains.

You can choose from panels or room darkening curtains. If you live in an area that is bright at night, like near a street lamp, then room darkening curtains would be perfect.

As popular as the movie Frozen has been, every little girl I have talked with wants a Frozen bedroom room.

We can’t always run out and buy everything that is available, so choose wisely from the things you can afford and make up the difference with paint or decorations.

I know several moms that have tried their hand at decorative paint freehand on their child’s wall. It looks awesome. So you may not be sure, but what do you have to lose? If you don’t like it, paint over it.

With the great colors in these curtains, you should be able to decorate around them easily.

Remember, have fun with it.

Disney Frozen “Bloom” Bedroom Curtain Panels

Featuring Anna and Elsa on a floral background which will really make your child’s room pop with color.

These adorable Disney Frozen drapes are made of 100% polyester and are microfiber.

They match the Disney Frozen Bloom pattern and measures 82″x63″ and come with 2 tie backs.

Completely machine washable with cold before you use them. Don’t use chlorine bleach except when needed or you might really fade the bright colors. Just tumble dry on low heat, then remove promptly.

If you want to iron the, just use a warm iron, nothing too hot.


Disney Frozen “Breeze Into Spring” Bedroom Curtain Panels

Discover the true meaning of sisterhood with Disney’s Frozen.

Sisters Anna and Elsa break the wintery spell and bring springtime back to Arendelle and these curtains will remind your little girl of that everyday.

These curtains come with 2 Panels & Tie-backs that measure 82 in W x 63 in L. They are made to fit a 36 in – 48 in window.

Of course they are completely machine washable. I would suggest washing them before you put them up. It will help get rid of any wrinkles from the packaging.

The colors are beautiful, but reviews are telling us that they are even prettier in real life.

These come with matching sheets and a comforter as well. There is also a room darkening version of these drapes.


Alternative Choices For Disney Frozen Bedroom Curtain Panels

Depending on what you already have in the way of decor your little ones room, maybe solid panels is a better idea. Here are some other choices that might work just as well and save a little bit out of pocket.